Aviation Research and Flight Safety Center

The objective of the Center is to promote civil aviation issues and flight safety in Israel and worldwide by collecting information, conducting researches, and organizing conferences, supplementary studies and discussions.

Main Activities of the Center
The Center develops ties with research centers and academic institutions dealing with civil aviation and flight safety. It identifies and promotes advanced research and locates companies and technologies that can contribute to enhanced flight safety. The Center works with aviation organizations and administrations in Israel to improve flight safety. It disseminates expert information and organizes national and international conferences concerning civil aviation.
Head of the center - Lt. Col (ret.) Eran Ramot,
Retired Fighter Pilot for 30 years with the IAF. During his service in the Air Force he graduated a year of studying at USNTPS (the US Naval Test Pilot School). He then served as a Test Pilot in IAF. He retired from active duty after serving as C/O of IAF Flight Test Center.
Upon retiring, while still flying with the reserve forces, he continued flying as Experimental Test Pilot in IAI - Israel Aircraft Industry.
Eran is now retired pilot from El-Al, Israel airlines.
His total flight experience is better than 19000 flight hours, at the controls of more than 50 aircraft types, ranging from heavy Jumbo's to ultra-light aircraft, and from high performance supersonic fighters to thermal-soaring gliders..


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