Aerospace Medicine


Objective of the Center 


The Aerospace Medicine Research Center conducts research in space and aviation medicine, holds seminars and symposia on issues related to the field and endeavors to forge ties and cooperation with various space agencies the world over. The Center also develops ties with similar research bodies in air forces around the world, with academic institutions in the field and with the civil medical aviation authorities in Israel and around the world.



About The Center

The Aerospace Medicine Research Center at The Fisher Brothers Institute For Air And Space Strategic Studies mission is to serve the profession, and to benefit the individual and institutions members. The center addresses the needs of Physicians, Scientists and allied professionals who conceive, develop, operate and work in the Aerospace Medicine filed, as well as the educators who lead their efforts, and innovators who bring forth new concepts.


The Israeli Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI) was established in 1993, More than a decade ago, as an independent and not affiliates to the Israel Space Agency. IAMI’s former director was Dr. Milton Gordon, one of Israel’s pioneering flight surgeons and the man who for many years served as the General Civil Flight Surgeon at the Israeli FAA.


The research conducted in Israel in the field of aviation and space medicine is sparse, but as in the rest of the world, this medical field has shown a rapid development in the last few years. As Israel does not yet have a university-based Aerospace Medicine faculty that could collect and integrate the multi-disciplinary knowledge and research in this field, we saw fit to establish on 2005 the Aerospace Medicine Research Center, hosted as part of The Fisher Brothers Institute For Air And Space Strategic Studies and managed by Dr. Eran Schenker. The center is a non-profit scientific research center that unites the people involved in the field of Aviation and space Medicine in Israel. We felt that after more than a decade of activity, the center is ready to be incorporated under the auspices of The Fisher Brothers Institute For Air And Space Strategic Studies.


In its first year of existence the center have published several papers in various subjects of Aviation and Aerospace Medicine, and presented them in important scientific meetings. Since then the center has gained recognition and has formed alliances beyond the Israel Space Agency with NASA, the European Space Agency, the Russian Space Agency, and the Japanese and Chinese Space Agencies. Bonds have also been tied with Air Forces and academic institutions in the field, as the InternationalSpaceUniversity.


The center researchers come from fields as medicine, biology, life sciences, bio-medical engineering, para-medical and aviation as well professional pilots and aerospace industry executives positions. The center is a wonderful example of the fertile cooperation that can exist among researchers and industries who come from different backgrounds to work together on the complex projects that are launched to space.




Current Studies


Suggest Research


  1. Golden Hour 
  2. MedUAV 
  3. Night Vision 
  4. Long Duration Operational Flights 
  5. Air ambulance 
  6. MedEvac  
  7. Advanced Life Support 
  8. Contingency Response Technologies 
  9. Advanced Life Monitoring   
  10. Crew management



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