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The Information Center aims to provide Institute researchers and the general public with publications and movies in the field of aviation and space.



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The Information Center has books and movies on the following topics:
· Space technologies
· Astronaut training (all the material used by Ilan Ramon z”l)
· Publications and periodicals on aviation and space
· Extensive material on the history of the Israel Air Force
· Foreign air forces and their activity in wars around the world
· General information on aviation
· Information on aircraft, missiles and systems
· Books for adults and children
· Documentary movies and action movies

The Center is open to the general public, please coordinate visits in advance.

Books or movies can be ordered after registering and leaving a security deposit.

Most of the books and movies in the Information Center were donated by aviation enthusiasts, generally Israel Air Force retirees. Stickers can be attached to the donated books, including a photo and text about the donor and his activity.

If you wish to donate books or movies to the Information Center, please contact us.


Contact   us

Please coordinate visits to the library in advance.


Manager of the Information Center:
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Amos Cohen, former Fighter Pilot in the Israel Air Force, who holds an MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University. Manager of the Information Division of the Israel Export Institute from 1990 to 2002.
Tel: 09-9510260/050-6888809

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