The 11th Annual Conference on National Security


Victories in Small Wars and the

Role of Aerial Power


The 11th Annual Conference on National Security took place on May 27, 2015. The Conference subject matter was devoted to: "Victory in Small Wars and the Role of Aerial Power" and explored difficulties democratic countries encounter with coming out victorious in small wars, and presented ideas for achieving better results and perhaps even, in the end, winning.


The panel on "What we knew and what we didn't understand" described the existing gap between intelligence gathered and the difficulty of transforming it into knowledgeable insights and practical applications. This gap is expanding and gaining in strength, as our enemies understand only too well the capabilities of aerial power and have been successful in finding ways to neutralize its added value.


The subsequent panel attempted to offer a description of victory in these types of confrontations and continued the discussion by considering whether it is possible to really deter terrorist organizations by considering increasing use of unmanned aircraft and leveraging greater cooperative efforts between aerial and ground power, etc.


The conference hosted a diverse and exciting range of speakers -- theoreticians and practitioners alike, veteran academicians and those at the beginning of their careers -- from Israel and abroad. The Air Force Commander described the challenges confronting the air force, and as is traditional, the Minster of Defense closed the conference with a broad-ranging, stimulating lecture.


The following day, there were a series of intimate study workshops which enabled participants to review the subjects in greater depth.  Additionally, we were able to spend more time with overseas guests and strengthen our relationships with their respective organizations, such as RAND Institute and NATO's Research Institute which deals with subjects having to do with aerial power.


Conclusions and understandings as a result of the intensive discussions in the workshops were distributed to the relevant participants. In light of the success of this forum, we will continue to conduct similar events in the future.


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