Newsletter No. 12 Fall 2015

Newsletter no 12 - Fall  2015


Dear friends,

2015 is about to end and at the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies we are energetically summing up the passing year and looking forward to 2016, hoping for a very good year.

The Fisher Institute enjoys closer cooperation with Israel’s official organs such as the ministry of transportation and professional authorities among them the civil aviation authority and the airport authority. Another partner in the space domain is the ministry of science, technology and space by way of the Israel space agency; we naturally have very strong ties with the IAF. The Fisher institute is where all of them gather, for deliberating and exchanging views; Fisher conferences serve as their platform for introducing various topics and issues for public debate.
The institute seeks cooperation with other research institutes in Israel, in order to express the relative advantage and accumulated experience in the domains of aviation and space.

Throughout 2016 Israel will keep on being the focus of gatherings devoted to space with the international Ilan Ramon Space Conference, to be held in February 2016 and the ISU, in the Technion, Haifa next summer. This is a direct continuation to the international astronautical conference which convened in Jerusalem in October.
The latest terrorist incidences in civil aviation give us an opportunity for intensive activity in the investigation, analysis and discussion of the threat of aerial terror.

I wish all our readers great interest in the summaries of 2015 and the planned activity for 2016.

Those of you who did not have the chance to be present at our 2015 conferences can read all lectures and presentation (with full translations to English) in our publications – order them through our site!

2016 promises to be a great year; I hope to be seeing many of you at our conferences.
Brig.Gen. (Res.) Abraham Assael
CEO The Fisher Institute


Upcoming Conference


The Fisher Institute Conference on National Security Air Power in the Era of F-35
Towards the end of 2016 the first F-35s will land in Israel: their arrival denotes huge enhancement of IAF capabilities. This improvement is a result of these planes unique characteristics as well as the interface between them and other components of air power in the widest sense of the concept.  The Fisher Institute has decided to devote its upcoming annual national security conference in the spring of 2016 to the issue of Air Power in the F-35 Era. The institute is joining hands with Israel Defense in order to hold a wide-ranging conference which will discuss innovative conceptions and advanced technologies will be presented.


Recent Conference


The Eighth Civil Aviation  Conference 
This year too, the annual international Civil Aviation Conference was held by the Fisher Institute in cooperation with the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority. The main issues in the conference held on November 2015 were Aviation, Economy and Eco-friendliness and they were taken up throughout two interesting, exceptional sessions. As always, the first session dealt with issues of flight safety and it was dedicated to the memory of BG Raffi Harlev, one of the Institute founders and its first CEO.            Read More


What will UAV operators be like in future
The institute was requested to lead a task force which will deal with the profile of UAV operators and Israel’s requirements in the domain of operating various kinds of unmanned air vehicles. The work currently being done at the institute was requested by an official organ. We hope to present additional details soon.  


Photos from the ceremony held on January 8, 1999 marking the  establishment of the Fisher Institute, at the Gil Paz House, have been uploaded to our site. 


The stories of volunteers from abroad who joined the IAF during the War of Independence.
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The 10th Annual Ilan Ramon International Space Conference was held on January 28-29 2015 at the Israel Air Force Center, Herzliya. The conference addressed  issues such as space sciences, space and security, new-space, space and industry, GNSS; 
To download or order our publication which includes all lectures – the ones given in Hebrew were translated to English, please click here 
The Tenth Space Conference


By Ofer Tsidon (photographs and text) published by the Fisher Institute and Israel Defense, 200 pages. This is a rich, impressive album that shows IAF planes, outlines its structure and missions and tells the story of many IAF operations. The album can be purchased through the Fisher Institute secretariat – telephone 09-9510260 at 150 IS + postage.
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