Newsletter No. 11 summer 2015

Newsletter No. 11 summer 2015



Newly Appointed CEO for the Fisher Institute Brig‪.‬ General ‪(‬res)‬ Abraham Assael
Brig. Gen. (res) Abraham Assael, a veteran IAF combat-navigator and transport-navigator, has recently taken office as the Fisher Institute CEO, replacing Brig. Gen. (res) Asaf Agmon who completed his ten-year tenure. Assael, born 1950, in Petah Tikva, a graduate of the Ecole de Guerre in France, holds an MA in Political Science and BSc in Economics and Business, served as the commander of Ouvda AFB, IDF military attaché in France, Spain and Portugal, chief instructor at the IDF National Security College and commander of combat navigation at the IAF academy. Assael is a fluent speaker of English, French, Spanish, and Ladino. Following retirement, at the request of the IDF, Assael started training courses for IDF senior officers nominated as IDF attachés in various countries around the world.  Assael is married to, Ruth, a practicing lawyer; they have three adult children. 
Brig. General (res) Abraham Assael


Whatch Personal Message from Charles F. Bolden, NASA Administrator to Brig. General (Ret.) Assaf Agmon.
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Upcoming Conference


The Fisher Institute and the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority will hold the Eighth International Civil Aviation conference on November 12, 2015  at the IAF Center, 15 Jabotinsky St, Herzliya.
The conference will host the Administrator of the US FAA and other major figures in civil aviation. The conference will concentrate this year on aviation economy, legal aspects and flight safety, as well as on local infrastructures.
Invitations will be sent in September and registration will start in October. Kindly save the date: we shall be very happy to see you in November.
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Civil Aviation Conference


Recent Conference


The 11th Annual Conference on National Security took place on May 27, 2015. This time it took up the theme of  "Winning Small Wars and the Role of Air Power", discussing the difficulties democratic countries should overcome when trying to win small wars, as well as new ideas for achieving better results and possibly winning.
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National Security Conference


New Study ‪:‬ North Korea‪'‬s Underwater Ballistic Missile
The Space and UAV Center just completed an in‪-‬depth research study on North 
Korea‪'‬s ballistic missile‪,‬ which can be launched under water‪.‬  The study was distributed among security and industry leaders‪.‬ The printed version will soon be published‪.‬  

Iran‪'‬s Space Program
As part of the intensive research on Iran‪'‬s space program‪,‬ new material on the country‪'‬s launching facilities at the Sharod space base has been amassed‪, along with an comprehensive technical study of the manned rocket developed by Iran.  Anticipated publication date: end of 2015. 



This research is focused on determining the added value of supplementing flights at already crowded airports. The study examined two different aviation environments: European airports which use the "slot system" and North American airports which do not implement this system. A mathematical model examined the relation of the capabilities and limitations of aviation runways, ground infrastructure (terminals) and other factors vis a vis the profit derived from increased traffic and the loss incurred as a result of delays and other problems stemming from increased traffic.  We intend to publish the study soon.          
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Aviation traffic in airports


The Israeli Air Force – An Inside Look at the IAF Structure and Operations
By Ofer Tsidon (photographs and text) published by the Fisher Institute and Israel Defense, 200 pages. This is a rich, impressive album that shows IAF planes, outlines its structure and missions and tells the story of many IAF operations. The album can be purchased through the Fisher Institute secretariat – telephone 09-9510260 at 150 IS + postage.


New at the Institute‪'‬s Information Center
Expanding the Library on Important Space Programs and Campaigns 
The Fisher Institute has acquired important publications detailing leading space programs and campaigns such as: SOYUZ, Gemini, NASA Space Shuttle, International Space Station, APOLLO 11, APOLLO 13 and Rocket. 

Now Available: "Israel Air Force 1948" Film 
Produced by Aaron Finkel, this 1 hour 40 minutes film offers an intimate and important insight into the Israel Air Force's earliest beginnings.  "Israel Air Force 1948" includes interviews with volunteers from overseas who joined the country's fledgling air force during the War of Independence.  The English language film can be viewed at the Institute library.



This year's prestigious World Astronautical Conference will be held  in Jerusalem from October 12-16 , at the International Conference Center. Participants will focus on "Space -- The Gateway for Mankind's Future."  Presentations will be made on subjects ranging from how space promotes international cooperation and partnership to how space studies can boost education, further diplomatic ties and increase and enhance industrial partnerships.
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The 66th International Astronautical Conference


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