Newsletter No. 10 Spring 2015


Newsletter No. 10 spring  2015 
Dear Readers:
The Fisher Institute marked the tenth anniversary of the Ilan Ramon Annual Space Conference at the end of January.
Over those ten years we have managed to turn a local event with limited audience into an international conference which is counted among the foremost space forums in the world.
The contribution made by this conference to promoting the goals of the Israeli space community cannot be measured by quantity only, it is quite significant; thanks to this conference as well as other factors the Israeli space community is now ranked at  a considerably higher place than a decade ago in areas such as international cooperation, industry, academia and education.
You can listen to lectures and talks given at the conference, look at pictures and watch a video clip celebrating the first decade of the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference which shows some moments from past conferences here.
It is only fitting that we give thanks to all those who support this conference, the Israeli and international space industry, the defense establishment and the IAF and mainly to the Canada CAASI organization and the Goldberg family that have been making it possible for us to hold the conference at its high standard.

We are now about to conclude our preparations for the 11th annual conference on Israel’s national security and airpower. We aim to take up the issue of attaining victory in “small wars” and the role of airpower in achieving it. We wish to contend with questions such as the feasibility of gaining victory in small wars; is it possible to achieve victory by employing airpower solely, are we proceeding in the right direction in consolidating our strategic and operational conception or could it be that we just follow outdated conceptions with new technologies? Such dilemmas are being pondered by many in numerous quarters, most certainly at the Israeli defense establishment.
These questions are difficult and complex and we shall attempt to examine them with some of the best international and Israeli experts at the conference as well as in a workshop to be held on the next day.

The Fisher Institute has been very active in the struggle for preserving civil aviation infrastructures in Israel. We try to exert our influence so as to prevent or at least minimize the considerable damage to be incurred by Israeli civil aviation if the proposed shutdown of the Herzliya and Sde Dove airfields goes through. We participate in various Knesset committees which discuss this issue as well as other forums that mobilize their influence in order to prevent the shutdown of those infrastructures before adequate substitutes are located.
We recently visited Lod airport for a thorough, professional tour at the invitation of BG airport director in order to learn about the challenges and choices facing Israel’s principal airport.
We are energetically studying Iran’s space industry and its missile capacity. The developments in these areas are most surprising and we must not neglect them due to the close attention given to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capability. The interface of these technologies and capabilities requires close examination of the developments taking place in a state that constantly declares its wish to see us wiped out.
You are invited to visit our Digital library site and enjoy its rich material, and the site New in Space which uploads new and fascinating presentations about space. We take much pride in the wide use made of these offerings since they are meant to serve the public at large.
Pleasant reading, 
Asaf Agmon 
Head of the Fisher Institute


Upcoming Conference


Winning Small Wars and the Role of Airpower
11th Annual National Security Conference  
The 11th Annual National Security Conference will focus on the role of airpower during "small wars." This was chosen as our key subject in light of Operation Protective Edge, yet another campaign in which we did not achieve outstanding results vis a vis Hamas. This is not a new phenomenon; nation states have difficulties dealing with non state entities.
Numerous articles and books have been written about this phenomenon. However, based on our campaigns, and those of other military forces throughout the world, we can analyze the errors made in formulating a strategy and translating this strategy into operational orders.
The objective of the upcoming conference is to examine this phenomenon, analyze some problematic factors and suggest possible solutions.  We have invited a distinguished group of lecturers, among them individuals with practical field experience as well as theorists from Israel and around the world. The conference is scheduled to take place on May 27, 2015. You can find the conference program on our website.


"The Path of the Eagle in the Sky" national conference is a cooperative initiative between the Israel Air Force, Tel Aviv University, The Israel Nature Society, the Hoopoe Foundation and others with the aim of encouraging the preservation of our "feathered friends."  This year's conference, scheduled to take place on April 27, 2015 at the Bar Shira Auditorium, Tel Aviv University, is also being held in cooperation with the Lapid Family, in memory of Ran Lapid, helicopter pilot, El Al pilot and avid birdwatcher.  Click here to download the program.   


Recent Conferences


The 7th International Civil Aviation Conference took place November 25th, 2014 at the Israel Air Force Center in Herzliya. The conference covered two seminal, pressing subjects which were of great interest to local civil aviation:Israel's Shrinking Civil Aviation Infrastructures and the lack of proper planning for alternatives. 
Continuing Operations of Civil Aviation in Conflict Zones in light of the lessons learned from Operation Protective Edge. 


The conference, which took place at the Air Force Center in Herzliya from January 28-29, was conducted in cooperation with the Israel Space Agency and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.  More than 1000 people in attendance had an opportunity to listen to a wealth of discussions and lectures, as well as a pre-conference workshop on Nano satellites. As in previous years, senior officials, among them two deputy directors of Lockheed-Martin, a representative from Space-X and others, representing international and Israel space industries participated. This was also the first visit for the new president of the Italian Space Agency, who also presented at the conference.   Click here to view conference photos and listen to the lectures.


The prestigious 66th International Astronautical Congress is scheduled to take place October 12-16, at the International Jerusalem Conference Center. Abstracts have already been submitted.
To the Congress website


Download Fisher Institute publications
directly from our website.
We have recently uploaded all of the publications from 2010.  $10 fee.
To the publication List Click here.  


New at the Information Center 
Space ventures: successes and failures .  A comprehensive review of the important space research efforts which were seminal milestones in the advancement of space research.   
Alan Shepard , First American Astronaut.  Here is Shepard's biography and the history of his space flights.
"What's New in Space" is a bi-weekly newsletter distributed for free. It carries news related to man and space, astronomy and astrophysics.  This is a joint project between the Fisher Institute and "Hayedion" website. 
New Films
Israel Air Force 1948.  
Produced by Aaron Finkel, this English language film includes interviews with volunteers who came to serve in Israel's nascent air force during the War of Independence.  The 1 hour 40 minute film can be found at the Fisher Institute library.
In Memory of Tzahi Peled - click here to view 
New Books
Diary of a War from Squadron 119 , Hebrew .  A collection of stories from Israel Air Force personnel in Squadron 119 who served during the Yom Kippur War.
World War II Aviation books , English
Techn'alon.  A technology magazine published by the Israel Air Force, Hebrew
The Jewish Pilot by Elimor Makevet, Hebrew. This is the story of Jewish pilots who served in the German Air Force during World War I.(who, by the way, bombed Beersheva)
669: The Story of a Special Unit, by Itay Ilnai, Hebrew  
Iron Dome and the people who made the impossible, possible , by Ilan Kfir & Danny Dor, Hebrew 
The Airbus 380 A History , by Simons, M. Graham, English 
Predator The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution, by Whittle, Richard, English
From the Concorde to the Iron Dome , by  Zonenshine Avigdor, Hebrew 
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