Newsletter NO. 1 Summer 2011

 Dear friends, 

I am proud to present the first English Fisher Institute Newsletter. The quarterly newsletter is an excellent way for us to be in touch with all our friends around the world with updates about the Institute's upcoming and recent activities and programs.


In the newsletter, we give a short survey of our research projects, publications and recent and upcoming conferences.


This edition also pays tribute to a dear friend of the Institute, Brigadier General (Res) Rafi Harlev, the first Manager of the Fisher Institute, who passed away this past May.


The Fisher Institute comprises of four research centers which organize conferences and research missions in the following spheres – The Airpower & Asymmetric Conflict, Aviation Safety and Security, Space & UAV, and Aerospace Medicine. Alongside the Research Centers, the Institute operates an Information Center which includes books, journals and films in the fields of aviation and space. To read more about the activities of the Research Centers, please visit our website


In addition, the Institute operates the Israel Chapter of FIRST designed to promote science and technology education in Israel.

FIRST Israel is part of the FIRST USA Organization which develops ways to inspire students in engineering and technology fields. The Institute organizes robotics competitions in various schools, challenging the capabilities of the young students in constructing and operating robots.



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We are always happy to hear from our friends with any remarks or questions regarding the Newsletter and our activities. Feel free to contact us at any time.




Assaf Agmon

Head of the Institute




The Fisher Institute employs and works with Israel's leading researchers in the field of air and space studies in order to contribute to the state's aerial supremacy and national security.  Below is a short survey of a number of our ongoing research projects.


From the Skyhawk to the Phantom - the Start of Aerial Friendship

In the Institute's most recent research paper, this fascinating paper dives into the issues of the reciprocal cooperation between Israel and the USA in the aviation sphere. International relations, military doctrine, aviation technology, internal politics and budgetary considerations all play a part in this in-depth paper on the cooperation of the two allies.

The research was conducted by Saul Bronfeld, the Chairman of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and a history enthusiast.

The paper is currently only in Hebrew and can be found on the Institute's website



Air Power and the Asymmetric Conflict

Sponsored by:
Dr. & Mrs. Danny & Wendy Moskowitz, Mr. Stanley & Martine Fleishman and Friends


The flotilla to Gaza in May 2010 and the complications created in its aftermath is yet another example of why the understanding of asymmetric conflict is crucial to Israel's security. The need to widen our knowledge in this field has led us to expand the research titled "Air Power and the Asymmetric Conflict". The theoretical activity was deepened and the Fisher Institute plans on being the contributing leader in understanding the phenomenon.

To view the progress report on the research as published in our website, click here.


The Golden Hour Doctrine

Sponsored by:

Dr. David & Michele Tarica and Mr. Andrew & Beth Tarica

Distinguished Members of the American Iranian Jewish Community in Los Angeles


The Israeli Air Force has a well-earned reputation for medical evacuation (MedEvac) in wartime as well as in peace. Still, during the Second Lebanon War in July-August 2006 we had to deal yet again with some issues relating to the evacuation of wounded personnel during battle, as well as various moral and operational dilemmas.


The key question in our study is how can we shorten the link-up time of the medical forces in the fighting zone with the casualties and how the location, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of the wounded in the battlefield can be improved and made more efficient, from the moment of injury until reaching the hospital within 60 minutes at most.


The basic question of the study attempts to assess whether in future conflicts adequate treatment of the seriously wounded can be assured within the envelope of that Golden Hour – quicker link-up with senior medical forces, use of advanced technologies of location, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment from the very moment of injury, in order to improve the chances of survival and lessen the death toll.

To view the initial findings of the research, click here.


Be a part of our research team!
The Fisher Institute is always looking for partners to support research proposals in our pipeline. Contact us to hear more about our research proposals and how to get involved.


Such proposals include:

1. Near Space – A Cheap Substitute for Remote Sensing Satellites?

A new research proposal by the space research center is intended to look at the near space environment, as a place to locate very high flying balloons, tethered or free flying, for verity of remote sensing applications, civil, environmental and military alike.

2. Elint Satellite Constellation

This research is intended to examine the feasibility of a constellation of micro satellites for the use as electronic intelligence platform. The modern battlefield is full with radiation emitting platforms, from radars to communication between units to their HQ. Elint satellites flying in formation could give the extra edge to win future conflicts.




 Every year the Fisher Institute organizes three major conferences on the subjects of space or UAV, aviation safety, and the integration of air power in the modern arena of warfare. The conferencesgenerate great interest to the media due to the world renowned experts who participate in the conferences. Media coverage of the conferences can be viewed in the Institute’s website.


Below is a short review of the main conferences that the Institute has held, and is planning to hold in the coming months.




The 6th Ilan Ramon International Space conference
30-31 January 2011

The Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies, together with the Israel Space Agency, the Ministry for Science and Mrs. Rona Ramon and her family collaborate in organizing the annual Ilan Ramon International Space Conference. The conference has become a regular meeting place for scientists, strategists, students and young space fans. The honorable Shimon Peres, the president of the State of Israel attends the space conference annually and extended his patronage upon it. The Israeli Air Force Commander has been delivering his annual speech on space affairs at the conference since its beginning. 

The conference is the pinnacle of the annual activities of the Fisher Institute’s Space and UAV research studies. The conference has gained an international reputation as a leading event regarding space in its broadest scope – military, civilian, scientific, technologic and educational. During the years we had distinguished guests participating in the conferences. Among this year’s speakers: Major General Susan Helms, Director, Plans and Policy, U.S. Strategic Command; Astronaut Barbara Morgan; NASM Curator and scholar, Dr. Michael Neufeld; and Norman R. Augustine retired chairman and chief executive officer of the Lockheed Martin Corporation and the former member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.



The Seventh National Security Conference
May 25-26, 2011

 The upcoming conference will focus on the conceptual and technological aspects one of the subjects raised in the previous national security conference: Aerial Dominance. As opposed to 'Aerial Supremacy', Aerial Dominance is about gaining aerial control over a battle field using aerial elements along with ground support. This dominance will minimize the friction resulting from operating massive amounts of ground forces.  




The Third Annual Conference of the Fisher Institute and the Civil Aviation Authority: Future Aims and Directions for Civil Aviation in Israel

November 17, 2010

The conference focused on European aviation trends and integration of Israeli aviation into the European region. A general survey of the Israeli civil aviation status was given, and the different sessions discussed technologies for improvement of the aviation safety, aviation and the Israeli economy, and various regulatory and commercial issues with a focus on the environmental aspect.

Visit our website to view the conference report (Hebrew), conference pictures, and audio recording of the lectures (Hebrew)


Air Power and the Challenges to Israel

May 10, 2010

The Fisher Institute held its 6th Annual National Security Conference, "Air Power and the Challenges to Israel" at the Edelstein Auditorium at the IAF Center.

The Conference was dedicated to theoretical and perceptual issues related to air power and Israel’s capabilities to cope with challenges in the region. A special emphasis was placed on operating air power against entities that are not states, a phenomenon growing and becoming stronger in the last few years, both in Israel and across world.

Renowned senior lecturers from Britain, USA and Israel took part in the conference, in addition to past commanders of the air forces of the USA, NATO, India, Australia and Israel.

The Conference helped widen the circles of our cooperation with research institutes around the world, among them the Rand Institute, and other researchers.


You can listen to the Conference lectures on the Fisher Institute Internet site.


 The Fifth Ilan Ramon Annual International Space Conference: Micro-Satellites and Moon Research.  January 27-28, 2010


 "Micro-satellites will enable the Israel Air Force and the Intelligence Corps the ability to gather information on specific targets on short notice." (Major General Ido Nehushtan at the 5th Ilan Ramon International Conference).


Over 1500 participants attended the conference, including students in the field of advanced physics and space studies.

During the conference, two doctorate students received the prestigious "Ilan Ramon Scholarships for Outstanding Studies".


Among the many guest speakers were the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres (via video); the Israeli Air Force Commander, Major General Ido Nehushtan; NASA Administrator, Charles F. Bolden Jr.; US STRATCOM Commander, General Kevin P. Chilton; Rona Ramon, the widow of Col. Ilan Ramon; Science and Technology Minister Professor Daniel Hershkowitz; as well as other dignitaries and honored guests.


The Conference lectures can be listened to on the Fisher Institute Internet site





Below are our most recent publications. The printed version of the conference proceedings can be purchased in our offices. Every Institute publication, unabridged, is uploaded into the Institute’s site half a year after publication.


Conferences Proceedings  


 The 5th Annual National Security Conference: Missiles & Rockets – Challenges and Responses. The Fifth Annual International Ilan Ramon Space Conference, 2010.


Video and audio recordings of the most recent conference can be found on our website.




  • The Fisher Institute newsletter in Hebrew is distributed once a month to the Institute’s subscribers and includes information concerning our activities as well as news from the world and Israel in the domain of aviation and space. You can find the newsletters in our online archives (Hebrew).
  • The Aviation Safety & Security Research Center distributes a monthly newsletter on the issue of flight safety. The newsletter is in Hebrew and includes reviews of accidents and safety incidents. You can find the newsletters in our online archives (Hebrew).


Visit Our New Website!

 The Fisher Institute recently launched its new website. The upgraded site benefits from a fresh new design, and many new features.

The new site includes recordings of the recent conference lectures, and the soon to be launched Digital Library for IAF History and Heritage.

Visit our new site in order to learn about the institute, our activities, events and research papers. Please join our mailing list in order to receive updates on the Institute and our activities.



The Digital Library for IAF History and Heritage

To be launched in the beginning of 2011

 The Institute’s Information Center initiated the digital library project designed to expose the public to the history and heritage of the I.A.F, and to allow the youth and researchers easy access to the vast data of the Air Force. Within the framework of the project, unabridged books – history, fiction, biographies and memorials of the soldiers who fell in battle, as well as a variety of Air Force films will be uploaded to the site.


Downloading the books to the computer or to an electronic reader will be available to the public at no charge.


The Digital Library has received the approval of the Air Force Commander and will open to the public at the beginning of 2011. At first, it will mainly contain material in Hebrew – about 60 books and 250 copies of the IAF journal.


The first stage of the project is being financed by contributions collected from former IAF personnel. As we find additional budgeting, we will expand the Digital Library.





     In Loving Memory of Brigadier General (Res) Rafi Harlev

Our dear friend and colleague, Rafi Harlev past away this past May after battling with illness. Rafi was the first manager of the Fisher Institute and will always be a central pillar of our foundations.

Rafi graduated the IAF pilot course number 13 and served in the Air Force for many years as a pilot, squadron commander, and many senior headquarter positions.

Following his military service, Rafi was appointed the Managing Director of El Al, a position he held for fourteen years, after which he was appointed Head of the Arkia Board.

May his memory be blessed.

To learn more about Rafi and his career, please visit his Wikipedia page.




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