The Institute's Board of Directors



Chairman Of The Board

Major-General (Ret.) Herzle Bodinger –  Former Israel Air Force Commander and currently President and Chairman of "Rada Technologies".


Board Members



Major-General (Ret.) David Ivry - Former Israel Air Force Commander, Chairman of the Security Council, Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Chairman of Israel Military Industry and Israeli Ambassador to the United States of America.




Major-General (Ret.) Eytan Ben-Eliyahu -  Former Israel Air Force Commander, C.E.O of STG


   Major-General (Ret.) ProfItzchak Ben Israel – Former Chief Scientist of the Defense arena, and currently involved in strategic research.


Major-General (Ret.) Gideon Sheffer – Former Head of Human Resources for the IDF and currently an executive manager of "Elbit Systems".




Major-General (Res.) Elyezer Shkedy - Former Israel Air Force Commander and currently CEO of EL-AL Aviation. 




Brigadier-General (Ret.) Oded Erez – Former Head of the Intelligence Division of the Israel Air Force.





Colonel (Ret.) Jacob Shporen – Managing Director of the Israel Air Force Association.





Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Aviem Sella - Manager Defense and Strategic Consulting Division, Matrix



 Inbal Kreis Deputy General Manager  MBT space Division, Systems Missiles & Space Group, Israel Aerospace Industries 




The CEO of the Fisher Brothers Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies



Brigadier-General (Res.) Abraham Assael



























































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