The Institute Structure


Research Centers

Aviation Research and Flight Safety Center

This Center deals with research of matters concerning safety and security of civilian and military aviation.

The objective of the Center is to promote safety and security of civilian and military aviation in Israel and around the world by collecting information, conducting studies, organizing conferences and supplementary studies, holding discussions and conducting advanced training. 


Space & UAV Research Center 

This Center deals with research into strategic fields of military applications in space and in unmanned airborne vehicles. It also organizes conferences and seminars and publishes current information about developments in these fields around the world.


Airpower Research Center
The aim of this Center is to study the role and contribution of airpower in the fight against terror organizations. It also explores how the air force can optimize its considerable ability when countering an “amorphous” enemy, both independently and in collaboration with other bodies faced with the challenge, in the IDF and beyond. 

 Information Center and Library

The Information Center collects and catalogs books, periodicals and films on the subjects of aviation and space and strives to encourage and assist anyone interested in these fields. The Center updates the Institute website and publishes a monthly newsletter. 


The Digital library for the IAF history and the heritage


The first stage of this project is ready and we open it to the public free of charge.
The website currently contains 40 books, 200 old Journals of the IAF and a few videos. In total, about 40,000 pages were screened and processed using O.C.R. before upload to the website.
We receive very worm feedback from many people that saw the new site and we hope it will contribute to bring closer the public to the Air Force.



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