The Fisher Brothers - Builders and Philanthropists




                       Larry Fisher 1907-2001                                                  Zachary Fisher 1910-1999 


Larry and Zachary Fisher were prominent figures in the New York real estate community and major philanthropic benefactors for countless non-profit organizations throughout the United States and abroad.  


The native New Yorkers, Larry and his brothers Martin and Zachary, founded Fisher Brothers which today is one of New York City's and the nation's leading private real estate industry residential and commercial developers. 


Over the past 75 years, Fisher Brothers has contracted high profile buildings throughout the United States, including some of New York City's most prestigious international corporate office buildings. The firm has grown into one of the real estate industry's premier residential and commercial developers, owning more than 5 million square feet of office space. In addition, the company maintains extensive hotel portfolios in the United States and Mexico.  


Mr. Larry Fisher served for 25 years as Senior Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Fisher Brothers. His responsibilities included an assemblage, financing and overall development of the firm. Building a reputation as a tough but fair negotiator, Mr. Fisher became legendary for the leasing of millions of square feet, as well as the financing of 2 $billion in real estate on behalf of Fisher partnership. Mr. Larry Fisher served as former Governor of the Real Estate Board of New York and was a member of the Association for a Better New York and a member of Avenue of the Americas and Fifth Avenue Associations. He also served on the Boards of The Trooper Foundation-State of New York, Inc., the Police Athletic League and New York's Finest Foundation. For many years, he and his brother, Zachary, anonymously donated $10,000 to every family of New York City police officers killed in the line of duty. Mr. Fisher has been the recipient of countless awards, most notably the Simon Wiesenthal Center National Community Service Award and the Anti-Defamation League Human Relations Award. 


Mr. Zachary Fisher, while remaining active in Fisher Brothers, also committed to the Armed Forces and other philanthropic causes. Together with his brother Larry, he worked to save the World War II Aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Intrepid from the scrap heap and have it brought to New York City where it was converted into an international aerospace and naval memorial museum. In 1978 he founded the Intrepid Museum Foundation resulting in the opening of the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York City, now the world's largest naval museum. Mr. Fisher established the Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Armed Services Foundation through which he made significant contributions to the families of victims lost in the line of duty in the Armed Forces and the firefighters of New York City. In 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Fisher began the Fisher House program, dedicating more than $20 million to the construction of comfort homes for families of hospitalized military personnel. There are currently over twenty six Fisher Houses throughout the nation at several Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers. Mr. Fisher served as Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation and other military charities, and was a major supporter of the Metropolitan Opera in addition to serving on the boards of Carnegie Hall and several other institutions.  


Many civic and charitable causes benefited from the Fisher brothers’ extensive contributions of personal energy and resources. By the end of their careers, they were renowned as leading philanthropists who supported a wide spectrum of important causes from hospitals and programs for young people to cultural centers and museums, in addition to various Jewish charitable organizations among them the United Jewish Appeal, Federation, Temple Israel and the Jewish Memorial Hospital. The Fisher brothers also founded the Fisher Brothers Air and Space Institute for Strategic Studies at the Israel Air Force Center in Herzliya, Israel.  


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