Objectives of the Institute

1. To encourage and conduct research and development in the field of air and space.


2. To initiate and disseminate strategic studies on air and space warfare, and related matters.


3. To initiate and disseminate research on subjects relating to civilian and commercial uses of aviation and space. 


4. To initiate and disseminate research concerning  air and space flight safety.


5. To influence public and institutional debate on air and space-related issues.


6. To nurture relations with research centers and academic institutions in Israel and abroad.


7. To hold seminars, simulations, conferences, conventions, and meetings on topics dealt with by the Institute.


8. To maintain a high-level information center connected directly with international information centers dealing with these subjects. 


9. To publish studies and publications relating to the Institute's activities.


10. To encourage the involvement of Israeli and Jewish youth in the Institute's fields of activity.


11. To encourage members of the Association of Friends of the Israel Air Force to be involved in Institute activities. 


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