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What can be learned by not shooting down a North Korean missile - interview with Tal Inbar Head of the Space & UAV Center, Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies.

CNN February 14, 2017



Iran’s rapid deployment of S-300 to Fordow ‘reveals importance of site’ - Tal Inbar head of the Space and UAV Research Center at the Fisher Institute 
The Jerusalem Post 31.8.2016

  Tal Inbar: Israeli space program spreads its wings
He was in Toronto on April 12 and in Montreal April 14 as keynote speaker for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR) galas, titled Israel in Space, which honoured the late astronaut, Ilan Ramon. He spoke to The CJN prior to the event.

Tal Inbar, of Israel's Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, said at a congressional briefing addressing the "ballistic axis," a reference to Iran's and North Korea's space program - Pyongyang has made significant progress in developing ballistic missile technology,

UPI April 20,  2016


"The F-35 Represents a New Operational Concept"
IAF Chief of Staff, Brig. Gen. Tal Kelman, spoke at the opening plenary session of the The Fisher Institute 12th Annual National Security Conference
Israel Defense  3.4.2016


Brig.-Gen. Tal Kelman, IAF Chief of Staff, also warns of regional states "buying up hundreds of billions of dollars of advanced arms" in unstable region.

The Jerusalem Post 4.4.2016


Israeli Space Program Lags Behind Iran's
Speaking at the 11th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, Brig. Gen. (res.) Abraham Assael noted that the lifting of sanctions will enable Tehran to invest more heavilyin its space program and missile development.

Hamodia - 4.2.2016



Satellite images Russia has deployed a large number of warplanes and missile batteries at Latakia in Syria, where Moscow is supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad, according to a series of satellite photographs to be shown Tuesday by the Israeli Fisher Institute at a conference on space at Herzlyia.  1.2.2016


"Out with the Old, In with the New" -  Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ephraim Segoli, About the challenges facing IAF and the future of Israel's air power.

Israel Defense 4.2.2016


The Syrian airspace has shrunk, the potential for undesirable encounters within that airspace has increased and the air has become combustible. Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ephraim Segoli, head of the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, on the tension in air and the implications for Israel





Brig. Gen. (res) Abraham Assael - Russian air strikes in southern Syria represent rise in the potential for inadvertent friction with Israel 

The Jerusalem Post 30/10/2015


An underground Iranian missile launch base unveiled in recent days enables the Islamic Republic to store and covertly fire surface-to-surface missiles, a senior Israeli defense expert said.

The Jerusalem Post 10.18.2015



  Brig. Gen. (res) Abraham Assael believes: The Nuclear Agreement with Iran is a Fait Accompli
  The prospect of Israel having to deal with armed, hostile, attack drones capable of firing rockets or small missiles at Israeli targets while flying over Lebanon or even Gaza is growing - Tal Inbar head of The Space and UAV Research Center.
Jerusalem Post -  6.9.2015
  Israel is keeping a “very sharp eye” on Iran’s modernized ballistic missile arsenal - Tal Inbar

DefenseNews   August 29, 2015


"Whoever thinks that the F-35 is not relevant to small urban wars doesn't understand the depth and extent of the threat," Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel told a May 27 conference by the Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies devoted to "Winning Small Wars and the Role of Air Power."

DefenseNews 30 May 2015

  UAVs: Weapons of the Future? - By Joe Charlaff & Tal Inbar
...In recent years, Hezbolla upgraded its fleet of UAVs and now has possession of the Shahed 129 UAV
Homeland Security today - April-May 2015
  Brig. Gen. (res.) Asaf Agmon on Israel's need to maintain the quality of the personnel serving in the Air Force, in order to maintain the advantage against its enemies
IsraelDefense  22/4/2015
  Israel Air Force: S-300 a surmountable challenge
The Times Of Israel
SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2015

What does the future hold in store with regard to outer space? At the Fisher Institute’s 10th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, a group of experts attempted to answer this question. A sneak peek into a very special symposium

Israeldefense  4.10.2015

  IAF must 'invest a lot' to overcome Russian S-300 missiles - Asaf Agmon
Jerusalem Post  4.15.2015

Decision to reveal the new Iranian Long-range missile represant a strategic change
The Jerusalem Post 10/3/2015


Iran Unveils new long-range cruise missile - Tal Inbar 

The missile is very similar to the Russian Kh-55, which can carry nuclear warhead and has a range of 2500 km

Haaretz  9/3/2015

  Covering the Skies - A comprehensive peek into the activity of the Iranian engineers charged with the task of stopping the Israeli aircraft - By Tal Inbar
Israel Defense  24 Feb. 2015 
  The Israeli Air Force must prepare for Israel's future conflicts - in terms of its force build-up and organizational structure. Brig. Gen. (res.) Asaf Agmon
  Israel to buy second squadron of stealth F-35 jets
The deal, which will cost upwards of $3 billion, is a controversial purchase in the age of assymetric warfare
The Times of Israel  October  30, 2014

Israeli airlines may offer inflight WiFi
Following European Aviation Safety Agency's recommendation, Civil Aviation Authority says El Al, Israir and Arkia can allow passengers to use portable electronic devices throughout flight.
Ynet 30.9.2014 


OPERATION PROTECTIVE  EDGE: Targeting And Safegurding BEN GURION International Airport

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Asaf Agmon is the former commander of both Sde Dov and Lod Air Force bases. Today he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies.

Aviation Security International, August 2014

IsraelDefense 13/10/2014

  The downing of the Malaysian plane is a frightening example of what might happen when an advanced, destructive weapons system moves into the hands of a rebel group, militia or terror organization
Israel Defense   23/7/2014  - Asaf Agmon
  Asaf Agmon Of the Fisher Institute on CTV News describes how Israel is countering Hamas' new aerial drones

Tal Inbar said that Hamas’s long-range rockets, capable of striking Tel Aviv, are either Iranian-made Fajr-5 rockets — built in Iran, or self-made M-75s, a 133mm rocket equipped with a 90-kilogram warhead.
The Times of Israel ,  July 8 2014

Ephraim Segoli,retired IAF brigadier grenera wlith the Fisher Brothers Institute for Air and Space Strategi Stcudies , said the Cobras were more expensive to maintain than drones
Hamodia, 3/6/2014
  Ya'alon: David's Sling defense system may delayed due to lack of budget
The Jerusale, Post  22/5/2014
  Saudi rocket parade a signal to Iran
Jerusalem Post, 1.5.2014

The new satellite: Ofek 10 -  Interview with Asaf Agmon on I24 News

Listen Here

IAF pilost says  Malaysia  jet did not malfunction
The fact that both the transponders and Acars  (automated air-ground reporting system) were shut off before the plane changed course is proof that whatever happened there wasn't the result of technical malfunction

The Jewish chronicle, 21/3/2014


The Iranian UAV Industry is Booming
The tendency to regard reports of modern Iranian-made weapon systems as "merely a whim and PR spectacle" notwithstanding, the Iranian UAV industry succeeds in developing vehicles that are worthy of more serious consideration  15.3.2014


The International Astronautical Federation General Assembly welcomed the Fisher Institute as a new member at their recent conference held in Beijing, China in September 2013.   
Message from the President off the International Astronautical Federation

The United States will expedite the delivery of the new V-22 Osprey

9900: The Israeli Satellite Intelligence Unit    13.11.2013

EL AL’s surprise move fuels clash between senior figures
FlightGlobal  Sep.12 2013

Israel in Space: From global competition to global cooperation


Syria strike shows Israel’s security burden increasingly borne by air force

   Janousek -  a leading Czech Newspaper

Record number of space agency heads to visit Israel

Israel Hayom

Ten years after death of Ilan Ramon, talks underway to train new Israeli astronaut


First ‘Space Week’ gives down-to-earth look at the stars

Times of Israel

International Conference Salutes Israeli Space Community


The Eighth Annual International Ilan Ramon Space Conference


World’s top space agencies coming to Israel


New Israeli Astronaut Could Go to Space


8th Annual International Ilan Ramon Space Conference


Israel ready to train new Astronaut

New Israeli Astronaut Could Venture To Space

8th Annual Ilan Ramon International Space Conference in Hertzeliya


  Conferencia Espacial En Homenaje A Ilan Ramon
Aurora 7/2/2013

Israel and the European Union have signed an agreement for cooperation in space

Kol Israel English 30.1.2013

  Space Expert:Iran's Monkey  Launch 'a Publicity Stunt

המודיע  31.1.2013

SpaceNews February 4, 2013
  The 8th Space Conference in the TV news
  10th anniversary of the disintegratiofonthe illfated SpaceShuttle Columbia
The Jerusalem Post 25.1.2013

Emmeplus has been invited to join the The 8th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference
Emmeplus Newsletter - January 23, 2013


Israel dismisses Iran’s boast that it has drones more advanced than the one it sent this month
Monday, October 29, 2012  THE TIMES OF ISRAEL


Riding the Thermals: Inside Hizballah’s Drone–Mostly Hot Air
TIME  Oct. 23, 2012


A letter From Charles F. Bolden Jr. Administrator,
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

August 08, 2012 

  IAF prepared for long-range threats
Jerusalem Post 23.5.2012

Controlling the Axis - Discourage Support for N. Korea, Iran Missile Efforts. DefenseNews April, 30, 2012


State Department: "Space Security - An American Perspective"
Remarks by Frank A. Rose Deputy Assistant Secretary Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and  Compliance U.S. Department of State The 7th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference Herzliya, Israel January 29, 2012.  January 31, 2012    Full Article

A state-of-the-art Israel Air Force drone crashed yesterday in southern Israel while
on test flight.  No injuries were reported. 
Haaretz 30.1.2012,  Full Article 


IAF commander Maj.-Gen.  Ido Nehushtan said at conference at the Fisher Brothers Institute for Air And Space Strategic Studies in Herzliya that IAI was testing new technology on the drone when it crashed.
The Jerusalem Post 30.1.2012 ,  Full Article


Technion developing 3 tiny satellitet to fly in formation

Jerusalem Post 25.1.2012 ,  Full Article


Emmeplus is joining the The 7th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference

January 23, 2012 , Full Article


Israeli institute promotes aeronautical science
The Canadian Jewish News, November 17, 2011
Full Article


News analysis: Israel facing dilemma over S.Korean, Italian bid contest of jet trainer
Xinhua News Agency 22.11.2011
Full Article 


Israeli water purification device returns to Earth
Jerusalem Post, 22.7.2011
Full Article

  The Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies in Israel and Strauss Water of the Strauss Group, Will Launch Today a Bio-Medical Experiment to Space on the Last Board NASA's Space Shuttle, Atlantis

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  Israel Air Force chief underscores "vital importance" of F-35 to Israel
Xinhua News Agency  May 26

Full Report

  Israel: New Iranian missile likely bound for Hezbollah
Jerusalem Post, 23.5.2011
Full Report
  Iran launces RASAD 1, Observation satallite
Jerusalem Post, 16/6/2011
Full Report

Iran caught red-handed 10 times trying to sent arms to terrorists
Jerusalem Post 10/6/2011
Full Report

  Israel Shone in Airlift  May 19,  2011

 Full Report

  Falasha Never More

The Canadian Jewish News
Full Report


Ilan Ramon’s legacy lives on
The Canadaian Jewis News May 12  Full Report

The Jerusalem Post May 16, Full Report 


Two of the experiments performed by Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon on the Columbia spacecraft
Kol Israel 23/4/2011
Full Report   Jerusalem Post

  Mission: Plant the Israeli Flag on The Moon
Haaretz,  2.2.2011
Full Report 

Israel ESA Seal Cooperation Pact
Flight International, 2.2.2011
Full Report


Israel Eyes Program to Boost Competitivness in Space
Space News, 7.2.2011
Full Report 


Iran Unviels Four new Satellies
Jerusalem Post,  8.2.2011
Full Report


Iran Centrifuges Again Enriching Uranium at Full Speed
Jerusalem Post 9.2.2011
Full Report 


Israel European space agencies Sign cooperation  Agreement
The Jerusalem Post 31/1/2011
Full Report


A conference on civil aviation

A conference on civil aviation safety in Israel and new developments in the field is being held in 

Herzliya today. The gathering is organized by the Fisher 

Institute and the Civil Aviation Authority.
Kol Israel English 17 November 2010
Full Report        Listen  


A conference on civil aviation safety in Israel and new developments in the field is being held in
Herzliya today. The gathering is organized by the Fisher Institute and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Kol Israel English,  Nov. 9 2010

Full Article   


Reporter Jackie Beecham speaks with reserve Colonel Itai Alon about possible causes for the IAF helicopter accident in Romania.Kol Israel English 27/07/2010
Full Report      Listen to the Interview

  Reserve Colonel Itai Alon, head of Safety and Security at the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic StudiesKol Israel English, 27/07/2010
Full Report     Listen to the Interview

Deputy Prime Minister and former Chief of Staff Moshe Yalon said that Israel is primed for a war with Iran.

Kol Israel Engkish, 10/5/2010

Full Report

  Rapping Or Rapproachement in The Arab World
Haaretz,  22 April 2010
Full Report
  The head of the American Space Agency NASA is due to sign a scientific cooperation agreement
27 January 2010
Full Report 
  Washington Air and Space Museum awaits Israeli memorabilia
21 January 2010, Jerusalem Post
Full Report
  Iran tests long-range missiles as nuclear crisis deepens
Jerusalem Post, 29/9/2009
Space News 2 February 2009
Full Report 
  El Al chief: We're mulling expansion into other activities
Globes 6 November 2008
Full Report

Iran Claim of 5000 Centrifuges
Jerusalem Post 27 November 2008
Full Report


  Satellite doesn't pose a surveillance threat to Israel
Jerusalem Post September 8, 2008
Full Report 
  Israeli reactions to Iranian satellite launch 
Haaretz  19.8.2008
Channel 7 10.8.2008   
  The Phoenix mission
Jerusalem Post, 26.5.2008
Full Report
  YES satellite TV viewers do suffer disruptions by electronic snowstorms.Jerusalem Post, 10.10.2007
Full Report
  Space agency: We'll launch more satellites by 2010
Following launch of Ofek-7 into space, officials say more advanced satellites will be launched in coming years
Ynet 25.11.2007 

Full Report 



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