Main activities and publications

Main activities:

The Ilan Ramon International Space Conference
Once a year, close to the date of the Columbia space shuttle disaster, the Center holds a conference in Israel that brings together the Israeli space community with decision makers, people from the industry and government, military personalities and senior figures from space agencies and space industries around the world.

The conference is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, the Israeli Space Agency and the American Space Agency NASA. During the conference a day is devoted to discussing the subject of education in science and technology and to a business forum that addresses areas of interest to the space and Israeli export community.

To the annual 2010 conference

Professional seminars for the defense establishment
The Center initiates and participates in professional seminars and workshops of the IDF. These events are closed to the general public, allowing the debate and discussion of focal issues related to operational performance. Among others, seminars are held for the computerization division, the space division of the Air Force, and other units. Further information about these seminars can be obtained from the Center.

The Center initiates and runs special programs for education in the field of space science for a broad age range. These include a unique program for 10-12 graders, that includes matriculation in space sciences.

The Center initiates studies in its spheres of activity, among them an infrastructure study in the field of Israeli space policy, the field of micro satellites and a joint study with the Aerospace Medicine Research Center regarding the use of UAVs for evacuating casualties.

Research and publications:


Guidelines for Israeli space policy
The study presents a factual and research infrastructure to support the direction of space strategy and a master plan for Israeli space activity for the coming decades.

The body of the paper contains two main sections. The first includes factual background material about space activity in Israel and the world and expected trends. The second section provides a systematic and comparative analysis of the activity in space and the influential bodies. The study will conclude with recommendations.

The author Dr. Amos Kovetz is a senior researcher at the Center for Military Research at Rafael. The study was conducted during his sabbatical at the Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique in Paris.

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