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The Center is headed by Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Ephraim Segoli


Ephraim served in the Israel Air Force for 25 years, as a pilot of a Saar helicopter and then as a combat helicopter pilot. He was the commander of two combat helicopter squadrons, served as deputy commander of the Unit for Cooperation and as commander of the Palmahim base with two combat helicopter squadrons, the Saar helicopter squadron, the squadron of UAVs, as well as other units.


Upon his release Ephraim joined the Center for Research of System Theory (MALTAM) where he served as a researcher for eight years. The institute was closed and then reopened under the name “Dado Center”, where Ephraim continues in his position as senior researcher.


In 2006, with the establishment of the Airpower and the Asymmetric Conflict Research Center, Ephraim joined the Fisher Institute.



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Tel: 052-3566965

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