The Fifth Annual Civil Aviation Conference



 The Fifth Annual Israel Civil Aviation Conference
   07 November 2012


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 07:45 Assembling and registration

Opening session

Musical interlude by students of the Herzliya conservatorium

Opening remarks
Mr. Asaf Agmon, Head of the Fisher Institute

Greetings on behalf of the FSF (Flight Safety Foundation)
Mr. Christos Petrou, CEO of FSF/SE. Europe-Middle-East-Cyprus, Cyprus

First session – Authorities update
Chairman – Capt. Benjamin Livneh, V.P. Operations, EL AL

Trends and Directions in World Aviation Economy
Mr. Thomas Windmuler, Senior Vice President of IATA

IAA (Israel Airport Authority) Overview
Mr. Jacob Ganot, Director General of IAA

CAAI (Civil Aviation Authority of Israel) Overview
Mr. Giora Romm, Director General of CAAI

Coffee break  

Second session – the Liberalization in the Aviation Market
Chairman – Mr. Asaf Agmon, Head of the Fisher Institute

Coping with the Liberalization by the Traditional Carriers
Mr. Mike Tretheway, President, InterVISTAS Consulting Inc. (Canada)

Manufacture Responses to Liberalization and Traffic Growth
Mr. Howard Davis, Director, Marketing Communication, Airbus S.A.S.

Israeli Aviation’s Economic Benefits
Mr. Shaul Meridor, Ministry of Treasure

The Agreement with the European Union
Mr. Ishay Don-Yehiya, Director, International Relations & Air Transport Division, CAAI


The Liberalization from the Cockpit's view point
Cap. Rony Zohar, President of ISRALPA

13:00 14:00  Lunch break

The Israeli Companies Perspective on the Liberalization
Mr. Eliezer Shkedy, CEO, EL AL Airline

The Israeli Government Policy regarding "Open Skies"
Mr. Giora Romm, Director General of CAAI


Third session – Global Aviation Safety – Pilot fatigue,
FTL – Flight Time Limitation
Chairman – Mr. Itai Alon, The Fisher Institute

General Background, Fatigue-related Accident review
Cpt. Yoni Ronen, C.A.L

Regulation Status on FTL in Europe and North America
Cpt. Dudi Ben-Shahar, ISRALPA

FRMS - Fatigue Risk Management System, SAFE - System for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation
Mr. Douglas Mellor, Fatigue Risk Management Science Limited, UK


Closing remarks


Mr. Giora Romm, Director General of CAAI (Civil Aviation Authority of Israel)

Mr. Herzle Bodinger – Chairman of the Board, The Fisher Institute


Estimated conclusion


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