The Fourth Annual Civil Aviation Conference

The Fourth Annual Israel Civil Aviation Conference
IAF Center, 15 Jabotinsky St., Herzliya
November 9th, 2011 


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07:45      Assembling and Registration


08:30      Opening
              Musical interlude by students of the Herzliya Conservatory


              Opening remarks
              Mr. Asaf Agmon, Managing Director, Fisher Institute (Hebrew)


08:45      First Session: Update by the Authorities 
              Mr. Israel Katz, Minister of Transport and Road Safety


              Trends & Directions in World Regulation 

              Mr. Luis Fonseca De Almeida, Regional Director European and North Atlantic, ICAO  (English)


              CAAI (Civil Aviation Authority of Israel)

              Mr. Giora Romm, Director General      (Hebrew)       


              IAA (Israel Airport Authority)

              Mr. Kobi Mor, Director General  (Hebrew)


10:25      Break


10:45       Second Session : Global Aviation Safety
               Chairman– Mr. Itai Alon, the Fisher Institute  (Hebrew)


               Review of Notable Accidents, Lessons learned and Implications on World Aviation
               • Air France 447 – Mr. Olivier Ferrante, Senior investigator, Chief Investigator Office, France. (English)
                 Mr. Paul Nelson, head of the AF447 underwater recovery group, Phoenix International  (English)

                Search & Recovery Operations presentatio    INTERIM REPORT      Underwater Search and Recovery

               • Air India Express – Captain Dudi Ben-Shachar, ,Israel Pilots' Association  (Hebrew)
               • The Polish President's Airplane Accident – Captain Yoni Ronen, C.A.L   (Hebrew)


               Modern Safety Management in Western Carriers (SSP, SMS) 
               Captain Michael Dalton, Managing Director, Aviation Management Services



12:15       Lunch break


13:15       Third Session – General Aviation in Israel
               Chairman – Adv. Neri Yarkoni


               Type and Scope of Activities in Israeli General Aviation 
                Mr. Yaron Efrat, Chairman of Israeli Association of General Aviation  (Hebrew)


                Israeli General Aviation's Part in the Activities of CAAI – 
                Captain Mike Abrahami, Director, Operations Division - CAAI  (Hebrew)


                A Survey of Accidents and Incidents in Israeli General Aviation 
                 Mr. Yizhak Raz, Chief Investigator, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety. (Hebrew) 


                Sky Shield Program for the Protection of Passenger Planes 
                 Mr. Ronen Cohen, Elbit Systems / El-Op (Hebrew)

14:50         Break


15:10         Fourth Session- The Future of the Israeli Commercial Aviation Industry: A Look Towards 2020.
                 Experts Panel
                 The session is dedicated to the memory of the late Mr. Rafi Har-Lev,
                 the first Managing Director of the
  Fisher Institute
                Chairman and panel leader – Mr. Udi Zohar (former Director General of CAAI)


                 Opening – Global Aviation and Economy with a look at the Israeli Perspective 
                 Mr. Geoffrey Weston - Head of Group Strategy and Development, IAG (English)


                 Panel Participants:  (Hebrew)
                  • Mr. Dror Shtrom – the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, former Commissioner of the Antitrust Authority
                  • Prof. Israel Borovich – Knafaim Holdings Ltd
                  • Mr. David Mymon – VP for commerce, EL AL Airlines

                  • Mr. Avi Fridman – Chairman of the Foreign Airlines Panel in Israel


17:10        Closing Remarks
                 Mr. Giora Romm, Director General of CAAI (Civil Aviation Authority of Israel) (Hebrew)
                 Mr. Asaf Agmon, Managing Director, Fisher Institute


17:30        projected conclusion







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